In a NYT piece today HERE

The [Facebook] board also suggested that Facebook should do more to distinguish between posts by ordinary people with small followings and posts by political leaders and others with wide influence (as my colleague Shira Ovide points out in her latest newsletter). The board wrote:

… context matters when assessing issues of causality and the probability and imminence of harm. What is important is the degree of influence that a user has over other users. When posts by influential users pose a high probability of imminent harm, as assessed under international human rights standards, Facebook should take action to enforce its rules quickly.

That passage highlights the crux of the issue. Facebook has evidently decided that undermining the credibility of democratic elections does not violate international human rights standards. If it maintains that position, Trump may be back on Facebook six months from now.

Indeed – Facebook can care less who and/or what they harm. Answer: Delete your Facebook accounts, do not advertise on them, and drive them into oblivion.