We need regulations on web advertising

Very True. Op. Ed. from the The Register on Google attempt to change Chromium based browsers (Chrome, MSEdge & others) to throw out ad-blockers is here.

Surprised? we’re not.

But this balance of power is changing. With server-side tagging, for example, Google effectively takes over all the ad and analytics traffic from your browser and runs it in the cloud, where you can’t see it. That’s great for Google because it improves the quality and speed of data acquisition, but leaves us getting what we’re given. The safeguards against this being abused? “Don’t be a dick,” as one developer put it to potential users of server-side tagging. Bad news, mate: ad tech companies pretty much own the rights to dickhood.

If you look at data analytics company websites where they discuss client-side versus server-side tracking, the number one con against client-side is “control rests with the user.” You might think this is a good thing – it is literally their biggest fear.

Just say no to Google and support efforts to break up the tech monopolists.