Why anyone would even use Chrome is beyond me . Any browser that does not have a setting to delete all cookies and other private data upon exit is very telling. They are giving you a free browser so they they can take your private data and sell it without compensating you.

Anyone running Chrome will want to update and restart their browser in order to make sure they have the latest build, as usual. Google has patched a bunch of flaws including a use-after-free() vulnerability (CVE-2019-13720) that was being actively exploited in the wild against victims. Make sure you’re running version 78.0.3904.87 or higher for Windows, Mac, and Linux to be safe.

More technical details are here: essentially, a malicious JavaScript file on a webpage can exploit the vulnerability to potentially gain arbitrary code execution and install spyware and other horrible stuff on the computer. Kaspersky reckons the flaw was abused in an attempt to infect Chrome-using visitors of a Korean-language news website, in a campaign dubbed Operation WizardOpium.