So I previously posted the disgusting Garmin Privacy policy. There is a fine alternative. TomTom.  (I have no financial interest in TomTom and do not sell their products. I just want to show an alternative)

Firstly they state clearly the principles

TomTom is all about where you are and getting to where you want to be. We help you achieve more. Sometimes we’ll need to know some things about you in order to help you. While we collect and use your data, we fully understand that you value your privacy.

We believe privacy is about freedom and being able to decide for yourself who uses your data and how. This is why we have established our Privacy Principles:

1. We will always keep you fully informed about your data

We make sure you understand which data from or about you we use, why we use it, how long we use it and who can use it.

2. We enable you to remain in control of your data

We consider the data from or about you to be yours. We only use it for the purposes for which you have given it to us, or for which we collected it from you. You can opt out or opt in at any time using our software and websites.

3. We protect your data

Your data is yours. We keep it that way by protecting it as best as we reasonably can to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Read the whole thing HERE. Unlike Garmin their default is privacy

We will not share your data with others without asking you for permission first, unless there is a legal obligation that prohibits us from asking.

Say YES to TomTom and shame on Garmin