So here is the latest privacy update to come out in the wake of all the Facebook flack. This one is terrible.

Garmin Privacy Policy Full Text Here

Personal data that is processed when you use your Garmin auto navigation device or app:

If you use a Garmin auto navigation device or app and provide your consent, then Garmin will collect and upload from your device data such as location, speed, direction, and time and date of recording. If you provide your consent when asked, then Garmin may also share this aggregated data with or sell this data to third parties to enhance the quality of the traffic, parking and other features enabled by content providers.

Oh great Garmin – Why is the default to violate your user’s privacy? Where is the link to OPT OUT?

Personal data that is processed when you use location features on your Garmin device or app:

If you elect to use location-based services, such as weather, traffic information, fuel prices, movie times, and local event information, on your Garmin app or device, then the physical location of your device will be collected, in order for Garmin or our providers to provide you with such location-based services.

No Consent option??

Basically Garmin the deal is this. We have high prices for your products and your default is to monetize this further by stealing and selling our personal information as the default.

Sorry – Just say NO to Garmin