So this afternoon I was told by email I had an account with Equifax TrustedID when I went to check on the status of the report lock. My password did not work. I tried to use the password reset. The page worked but when you enter all the information and hit the continue button, it does not go anywhere. I called the support telephone and that rings busy. Gave up on that.

Clearly more buggy code.

I finally got it to work using an old Windows Explorer 8 Browser on an old XP machine instead of Firefox. I even tried ieExplorer 11 and that did not work. But old insecure ie8 works fine with no out of date browser warnings.

Next – Then using the same Firefox Browser, I was able to login. And guess what, despite signing up, my report was still unlocked! When I tried to lock it, no dice, lock button not working. No go on ie11, but old insecure ie8 worked just fine.

What royal cock up Equifax. Totally incompetent!

(off topic: I also notice that uBlock Origin identified 147 trackers on And they look out for my privacy and security. Bullshit!)